TOU - TERMS of use!

Please don't claim my work as yours!
No paysites, no Akisima and no fucking exchange!
Credit would always be nice!
Have fun!

please feel free to add me!

if you want some of my models or have some DL-questions... I don't bite ;)


new downloads on dw!
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heya may i have your attention please?
I'm moving to dreamwidth, all new downloads can be found here

my lj will stay open for old downloads and for stalking you guys ^.^

I really loved lj, but I think it's time for something new... so thank you all for being so nice and sweet people

add me on DW, if you wish so ^___^
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#25 [Hell frozen rain] Newsea Camellia retexture

yay it's me :D
today I have this hairset for you, I really like this mesh, but I never had a retexture that I really liked. So here it comes with pooklet's new texture and her new colors

so... 16 natural colors + mail bomb (grey) all by pooklet
mesh is included
files are compressed
oh and of course they are binned and familied the pooklet way

Credit goes to pooklet for texture and colors and to Yu for mesh

just to let you know I'm alive

hi there
uhm yeah... I saw my last post was on the 5th jan... long time ago 0.o
I wasn't feeling ok in the last time, but I hope that everything gets better now. My PC had a virus, so I had to reinstall sims and everything

and then there was this akisima-thing... akisima is a german forum, where I used to be a mod and creator. I just wanted to take a break because of my real-life problems and they were so mean and rude, like: oh you don't care for the forum, do you really want to be here anymore blaa bla bla. I mean, I really just wanted a fuckin break, nothing more... and then they went more and more crazy... they wanted that all the akisima-creators only upload their stuff in the akisima-filebase... I mean, how bad is that. I made this stuff so I!!!! choose where I want to upload this... yeah and then they kicked me out... and yesterday I got the total ban... this is mean... they keep all my stuff and I can do nothing against it...

so FUCK YOU akisima

sorry for crappy english...
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WIP #3 need a quick help

should I go on with this?

I'm shortening and pooking (what weird words these are) peggy's jan gift,but I'm not sure if I like it. What du you think? ShoulD I safe me a lot of work? Or do you like it? Please tell me...

I edited the fringe, thanks for your advice, freezetomorrow